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Komarna Shopping

Komarna Shopping

Miniature of a traditional Neretva river boat (trupa)

The trupa is a wooden boat typical for the Neretva River Delta. The Trupa was the main transportation means over the centuries in the Neretva Delta region. Local farmers still use it today to transport their crops. Take home a miniature of this traditional boat and make some of your beloved ones happy.

Replica of artefacts from ancient Narona

Narona was one of the most important anciet towns on the east Adriatic coast. At this unique archaelogical site, 16 sculptures of Roman emperors and their families were found. Bring home replicas of many artefacts of ancient Narona made of ceramic, stone and glass.

Homemade liquers

Dalmatians traditionally welcome their guests with a variety of homemade liquers – rakija. Rakija is a strong alcoholic drink made out of grapes enriched with various aromatic herbs (rakija Travarica), walnuts (rakija Orahovica) honey (rakija Medovača), carob (rakija od rogača) or with different fruit.

Plavac wine

The best Croatian red wines come from the Peljesac peninsula. The most famous sort of grapes is plavac, and the best quality plavac comes from the Dingač and Postup localities. Try this wine of very distinctive aroma and make your loved ones happy with a bottle of this local wine.


Lavander is known for its medicinal characteristics, its pale purple colour and intense fragrance. Even the ancient Romans used to add lavander to their baths, while the ancient Greeks used it regulary for medical purposes. Take with you essential lavander oils or a pouch of dried lavander to remind you of your holidays in Dalmatia.

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